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Pediatric Sedations Services is a group of specially trained pediatric emergency physicians that provides procedural sedation for children undergoing painful and potentially anxiety provoking procedures.  Our goal is to minimize physical discomfort and reduce the negative psychological impact to our patients while facilitating successful completion of necessary procedures. Our providers are all board-certified pediatric emergency medicine physicians who have undergone special training and credentialing to provide sedation at our facilities.  Our physicians are not only leaders in national organizations dedicated to the delivery of safe and effective pediatric procedural sedation, but they also help provide the required training to others wishing to become more proficient in the practice of pediatric sedation.

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Pediatric Sedation Services(PSS), is owned by Pediatric Emergency Medicine Associates (PEMA), a large provider of pediatric emergency medical care in both Georgia and Tennessee.  

On July 1, 2002,  PSS began as a clinical service, initially providing sedation services for the radiology department at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite.  Since then, we have expanded to provide sedation care in other areas of the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta system.  We now provide sedation in the AFLAC Cancer Center, the Scottish Rite Special Procedures area, the Scottish Rite emergency department, and the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta imaging center at Town Center.  

Although our goal is to help ensure the completion of procedures, the safety and well-being of our patients is our number one priority.  As such, PSS is committed to continually working with our hospital partners to develop specific and appropriate protocols that continue to improve the quality of our care and the safety of our patients.

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Mission Statement

The Society for Pediatric Sedation® (SPS) will strive to be the international multidisciplinary leader in the advancement of pediatric sedation by promoting safe, high quality care, innovative research and quality professional education.

The Society for Pediatric Sedation® was founded in 2007

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